William N. Thompson House

Our business is all about Indiana homes. You name it, ranch style, apartments, historic homes, we love them all! We also love treehouses, although we don't work much with that part of the real estate industry. We thought it would be fun to talk about some of the famous Indiana homes we have in the area. You may be neighbors to one and not even know it!

Famous Indiana Homes Part 1

http://bentonhouse.org/ http://bentonhouse.org/

Benton House

This east-side home was built in the early 20th century and started out as a daycare for local mothers. The house provided meals and care for children of mothers who worked in Indianapolis factories. Clinics were also offered for the mothers during the evening hours. Find more details about the Benton House here. 



William N. Thompson HouseWilliam N. Thompson House (The Old Governor's Mansion)

Although not currently the Governor's Mansion, the William N. Thompson House still deserves some attention. It's a mammoth Colonial Revival home located on North Meridian Street in Indianapolis. It was home to several Indiana governors since its completion in 1920. The home is now a private residence, according to gohistoric.com. Learn about the current Indiana Governor's Mansion here.


Morris-Butler HouseMorris-Butler House

Located in the Old Northside of Indianapolis, the Morris-Butler House is a architectural masterpiece. Many famous residents call this place home, including Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Taggart, and Lyman Ayres. Visit IndianaLandmarks.org for more information about tours and events at the Morris-Butler House. 


We'll cover 3 more famous Indiana homes in part two, so stay tuned! Have you visited any of these landmarks?