A Guide to Selling Your Home During the Holidays 

Conventional wisdom has taught that one should not sell a home during the holiday season. While there are unique challenges to selling a home during this time of year, there are also several advantages you may want to consider before impulsively taking your home off the market until the new year.

Advantages of Selling During the Holidays

These three articles break down all of the benefits you’ll most likely notice if you decide to sell during the holiday season.


Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Now that you understand the advantages of selling your home during the holidays and are committed to the idea, here are a couple of resources that will help you be successful.


Staging Your Home During the Holidays

No matter what time of year that you sell your home, you’ll want to stage it. During the holiday season though, staging is especially important as holiday decorations can be used to create a very inviting setting. However if done wrong, they can turn potential buyers off. Use these resources to help you stage your home correctly during the holidays.


Have you sold a house during the holidays? What was your experience like? If you are in the central Indiana area and are considering selling your home during the holiday season, the Ferris Property Group is here to help. We are committed to providing a positive selling experience for our clients -- regardless of the time of year.