New Year’s Resolutions for the Home

When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions it’s not all about going to the gym and eating healthy, although those are meaningful goals. It's also a great idea to set some goals for your home in the new year. As with all goals, the hardest part is planning. We’ve come up with a few simple resolutions that will help you enjoy your home more and perhaps even make a few friends!

Here are a few New Year's Resolutions for the Home:

Keep it organized

Every item in your house should have a home. Anytime you see something laying around, you’ll know exactly where it’s supposed to be. Do a quick scan each time you leave a room to pick up items that may have wandered from their home.

Clean it up

Approach cleaning in little bites rather than doing a major cleaning every week. You’ll be amazed how easy doing the dishes is when you take the time to clean them after each meal.

Make your house a home

Fill your home with items you love, such as pictures, artwork, and meaningful trinkets. You may also consider making a few small upgrades like painting or reorganizing too.

Fix what needs fixing

If you own a house, then you know home repairs are a real and necessary thing. You’ve probably got a few repairs that have been on the back burner for a while now too. Create a list of the top 10 repairs and add them to your calendar so you know you’ll get them completed in the new year.

Get to know your neighbors

A new year provides you with an opportunity to get to know your neighbors better. When you see them out and about, be sure to say hello and chat a bit. Be sure to do other neighborly things like pick up the trash from your yard, keep your sidewalks clear, and keep your dog’s messes in your own yard too.

Have you set any New Year’s resolutions for your home? Tell us about them in the comments below!