Preparing Your Home For Fall: Indoors & Outdoors

Fall in Indianapolis is beautiful and there’s always fun stuff to do in Indy during this time of year. Just about every side of town has a festival, orchard, or event from now until November. It’s not all fun and games though, fall is also a time to get things done around the house to prepare for cooler weather. Prepare your home and yard for Fall before the frost comes by taking care of these  simple to-do items.

Outdoors: Preparing Your Home For Fall

  1. If you want that palm tree to last another year you better bring it in soon! Many plants in Indiana can survive the summer temperatures, but won’t make it through a single frost. We all know the weather is unpredictable here, so play it safe and bring them in now.

  2. There’s one thing for certain in this life, and it’s that Fall in Indiana means leaves in the lawn. Find out about leaf removal services on the city’s website. We also recommend composting your leaves or chopping them up to add organic matter to your lawn.

  3. You don’t want to do too much fall pruning of shrubs and trees but there are some tactics to consider. Use this opportunity to remove diseased or dead branches and leave other pruning for late Winter or Spring.

  4. Fall fertilizer for your lawn is essential if you want to have a perfect lawn in the spring. Talk to someone at your local hardware store for product information and how-to advice.

  5. The last thing you want next Spring is a busted pipe somewhere in your lawn. This fall, make sure you take the time to properly drain and blowout your irrigation system. This process will remove any water from the pipes and protect the system from expanding and contracting during weather changes.

  6. Cleaning gutters is no fun, we get it. It’s absolutely necessary though if you don’t want a disaster waiting for you. Gutters full of leaves are prone to spillover and even collapsing. If you need help getting the job done right, take a look at this video on how to clean gutters.

Indoors: Preparing Your Home For Fall

  1. The cool Fall weather often sends a signal to rodents and spiders to look for a warm place to kick back for the winter. Don’t let your home be their vacation spot! Take measures to prevent pests from entering your home like removing clutter, fixing moisture issues, and keeping doors and windows closed. There are several options for chemical applications you can purchase to create a perimeter around your home as well.

  2. Leaky windows and doors can cost you a fortune in energy bills so take some time sealing them up. Use caulk and plastic to seal up all the leaks so no cold air comes in and no warm air goes out.

  3. Fall is the perfect time to get a furnace tune-up. You’ll want a new filter at the very least, but we recommend working with a trusted HVAC company to come in and do a brief inspection.

  4. Now that the warm season is winding down you won’t be needing any exterior water sources. Take time to turn off outdoor spigots and purchase covers to prevent frozen pipes over the winter.

  5. Just because the weather is turning cooler doesn’t mean you can’t use your ceiling fans. Your fan can circulate warm air to help make your home more comfortable. In the fall, make sure your ceiling fan is spinning clockwise.

Well, now that you know how to prepare your home for Fall you’d better get to work! What other to-do items to you tackle each Fall?