6 Secrets to Throwing a Fabulous Housewarming Party

Buying a new house is something to celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than by inviting your friends and family over for a housewarming party? But before you send out the invitations, read these 6 secrets to throwing a fabulous housewarming party:

Secret #1: Pick the Right Date

There’s no doubt that you’ll want to show off your house just as soon as you sign the closing paperwork. But if you hold a housewarming party days after you move in, you run the risk of making your move that much more stressful. Plus, your party will suffer if you’re stressed out and overwhelmed. We recommend waiting until you’re completely unpacked and settled in before inviting everyone over. This way your home will be set up in the way you want to showcase it and you’ll be in a better place mentally to throw a party. And don’t worry about holding off on a party. You won’t violate social etiquette even if you wait up to 3 months to host your housewarming.

Secret #2: Choose the Right Invitation

The way you invite your guests will help set the mood of your party. If it’s going to be very casual, a Facebook or email invite may suffice. If you’re planning a more formal affair, we’d suggest sending out paper invitations. Be mindful of your guest list when choosing the right invitation. If half of your family doesn’t use Facebook, then a Facebook event is probably not the route to go. Whichever invite you choose, be sure to include your new address and the time of the party. Also specify any details that guests will need to know. For example, let guests know if children are welcome or if gifts are not necessary. If it’s a theme party, such as “stock the bar,” then specify this on the invites so guests know what is expected of them.

Secret #3: Prepare Enough Food and Drink

Nothing will kill your party faster than running out of food and drink. We think hors d’oeuvres work best for a housewarming party because they are easy for people to eat while mingling. It’ll also make it easier for you to eat in between giving tours of your new home. Not sure how much food and drink to prepare? Use this helpful guide. And don't forget other party necessities like ice, napkins, plates, and wine charms.

Secret #4: Don’t Go Overboard on Decorations

People are coming to your housewarming party to see your new home, not a bunch of cheap paper decorations. Keep it simple. Make sure your new home is clean, put out a welcome mat, light a few candles, and arrange seating in a way that’s conducive to mingling. Then let the house speak for itself.

Secret #5: Put Together the Perfect Playlist

It just isn’t a party without music! Before putting together your playlist, consider your guest list. If your grandma or great aunt will be there along with your old college buddies, consider creating two playlists and turn the more rockin’ one on after your more mature guests leave.

Secret #6: Know How to Kick Guests Out, Politely

If your party has an end time, start winding the party down about a half hour beforehand. A good way to do this is by serving coffee or tea, turning the music down, and turning the lights up. This helps your guests know it’s time to get going without pushing them out the door. You do want them to come back, after all!

What is your best-kept secret for throwing a great housewarming party? Leave your secret in the comments section below.