Choosing the Right Agent

Deciding to sell your home is a big deal. And no matter how nice your property may be, a house won’t necessarily sell itself! The agent you choose makes or breaks your selling experience.

When choosing an agent, you want someone who can promote your home, get top dollar for your listing, and negotiate for you in closing. With our resources at the Ferris Property Group – We’re committed to providing a positive selling experience!

Your home gets purchased faster when you have a knowledgeable, honest agent behind you. We’re ready to address any reservations that you have about selling your home. E-mail the Ferris Property Group – at or call (317) 446-0457.

As a well-connected agent, we can assure you that you’ll get the best price for your home and get it off the market quickly. It’s easy to grab the first agent who seems nice enough, but choosing the most knowledgeable agent takes planning.

Here are a few of the ways that we can be the right group for you:

  • Together, we’ll determine your home’s worth and get the best bid possible.
  • Your house will be in the best condition for Open House events.
  • We’re here when you need me — on the go, in person, and even through text message. You’re our top priority and our schedule and actions display that.
  • We will promote your home as a top priority, ensuring it gets the attention it commands in all available venues, even nationally. Within minutes, we can have your home on every agent’s radar.

Selling Your Property? Go ahead and drop us a line!