Many home projects are better left to the experts. But there are some tasks that every homeowner should know how to handle. Whether you own a brand new home or a fixer-upper, eventually you’ll find yourself needing to know how to do the following things.

Fix Your Toilet

One thing is certain about all toilets. Eventually, they all clog and leak at some point. You don’t have to rush to the phone to call the plumber when this happens. Watch these videos to diagnose and fix the problem.

Plumber uncloging toilet

Change Your Furnace Filter

Your furnace filter should be checked monthly and changed as soon as it’s dirty. This will improve the air quality in your home, help your furnace run more efficiently, and even lengthen the life of your unit. Not to mention that it’ll help prevent your home from getting as dusty. To learn how to change your furnace filter, go here.

Hang Pictures on Your Walls

Part of the fun of owning a home is decorating it! You’ll want to hang items on the wall properly so your precious family photo or priceless artwork doesn’t come crashing down. First, learn how to use a stud finder to find the studs in your wall. You’ll also need to learn how to choose the right hardware to securely hang your pictures. Here is a helpful guideline for arranging pictures on walls.

Unclog Your Sink

Just like your toilet, your sink is guaranteed to get clogged at some point in your home’s life. Learn how to diagnose and fix the problem here.

things all homeowners should know

Install A Light Fixture

Whether a light fixture in your home breaks or you find yourself desiring a new look, eventually you’ll need to know how to change a light fixture. The task is quite easy. See for yourself here.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree sounds easy, and it is, but you need to be careful to choose the right tree for your yard. You’ll also want to plant it at the right time of year and take special care of it in its first 2 years so it has a long and happy life. This includes mulching around it and watering it.

woman planting tree outdoor

Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are vital for keeping your home and family safe. It’s a good idea to have one in each room, but at least install one on each level of your home. Don’t forget to also install one in your basement and garage. Make sure to check detectors once a month, change the batteries once a year, and replace any detector that is more than 10 years old.

Clean Your Gutters

Your home’s gutters need to be cleaned twice a year. If this chore is ignored it can damage gutters, cause ice dams to form in the winter, cause water to damage siding, invite pests to live in your gutters, and even cause problems with your foundation. Here are some great tips on cleaning your gutters.

Young man on latter cleaning house gutters

Care for Your Lawn

Caring for your lawn includes several tasks including applying spring and fall fertilizers, riding of dandelions, mowing your grass, edging your sidewalks, and watering your lawn.

Weatherproofing Your Home

Weatherproofing your home will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Concentrate your efforts on the places where air is most likely to leak from your home such as your basement, attic, fireplace, windows, and doors.

How many of these tasks do you know how to complete? What task do you think all homeowners should know how to complete?