20 Moving Tips to Make Your Move a Breeze

Let’s face it, moving can be a real pain in the neck. Packing up boxes, cleaning out behind the fridge, tossing out junk...it never ends! There’s a lot to take care of, but we’ve made a list of moving tips to make the process as easy as possible.

1.  As you’re loading up cardboard boxes, pack them room by room. This will make it much easier to unpack when you move into your new place.

2. Leave stuff in drawers as you pack them up. Unless they are too heavy to move this way, you should save a lot of time and headaches by keeping them full.

3. Add a short length of string under the tape when you seal boxes. This will make it much easier to remove the tape when you’re ready to unpack.

4. List contents or at least the room on the outside of the box. Some boxes may need to be unpacked right away, but many may be able to get put in the basement or garage for awhile.

5. Use clothing or pillow cases to wrap breakables. This will prevent the need for bubble wrap!

6. Use sandwich bags to keep small items like jewelry and silverware organized during the move.

7. Take photos of electronic setups to make it easier to recreate at your new place. Pictures and diagrams will be your best friend!

8. Make use of laundry baskets to reduce the need for cardboard boxes.

9. Ask friends and family for help as soon as you know you’re going to move. They’ll be more likely to agree and you’ll get a better turn out on the big day!

10. File to change your address at least two weeks before you move.

11. Arrange for charities like Goodwill or the Salvation Army to come pick up items you do not wish to keep.

12. Shop wisely the two weeks prior to your move. Moving perishable foods is tough so buy in small quantities to avoid wasting food.

13. If you’re moving locally, consider hiring a sitter for your pets and kids.

14. If you’re taking your refrigerator with you, be sure to defrost and clean it the day before you move.

15. Use a calendar to track what day you’ll pack each room. Organization is your new best friend!

16. Be sure to stack the heaviest boxes on the bottom. Seems obvious, but we know it’s a whirlwind as you’re packing.

17. For large appliances be sure to check your owner’s manuals to see if there are special instructions for moving.

18. Stack dishes upward. It seems safer to stack them on top of each other, but it’s not!

19. Always tape moving boxes. Interlocking the tabs isn’t enough to keep your items secure.

20. If you’re not willing to take on the task, consider hiring a reputable moving company to take care of it for you. Let us know if you need a recommendation.

Do you have tips that helped make your move easier? Please share!


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