Homeowner Tax Deductions

Tax time is here. Time to start gathering W2s and contact your accountant. As you’re gathering tax documents, keep in mind you may be able to claim deductions because you own a home. We’ve gathered 5 articles that cover typical tax deductions for homeowners and how to use them.

The Top 10 Real Estate Tax Deductions for Homeowners
From home improvement deductions to mortgage point deductions, this article covers it all. Look through this post from realtor.com and talk with your accountant to see which homeowner deductions for which you may qualify.

2 Great Homeowner Tax Breaks Revived
This article from MSN covers 2 specific homeowner tax deductions that were revived for the 2013 tax season. Both mortgage insurance premiums and green improvements deductions are covered in this article. Find out if you qualify for either and learn the specifics of how each one works in this article.

Home Sweet Homeowner Tax Breaks
Property taxes, mortgage interest, and mortgage points deductions are covered in this article. Find out the details on each of these homeowner tax deductions as well as what can’t be claimed for a deduction.

Publication 530 (2013), Tax Information for Homeowners
Looking for information about tax deductions for your home? Here’s an article that comes straight from the horse’s mouth. This article covers typical deductions for homeowners as well as common questions regarding them.

Eight Tax Breaks for Homeowners
Although many of the tax breaks mentioned here have already been covered in the above mentioned articles, you will find a couple other options as well. For example, you’ll find tips on how to claim home office tax deductions and home improvement loan interest.

We recommend you talk with your accountant or tax preparer when looking for applicable tax deductions. These articles are helpful but they may not be relevant to everyone. Use your accountant and other professionals to determine which deduction you can claim on your taxes.

Have you benefited from any homeowner tax deductions? Which ones and what was the process of claiming them like?