Housewarming Gift Ideas

Whether you have a good friend who just moved or you have a new neighbor down the street that you haven’t met yet, there’s something on this list that’ll make the perfect housewarming gift!

  1. Tool box with a few common tools (hammer, nails, level, etc.)

  2. Bottle of wine and a bottle opener

  3. Cookbook

  4. Gardening supplies

  5. Decorative pillow like this one

  6. Chalkboard paint and paintbrush to create a chalkboard wall

  7. Tree To Be Kit

  8. Tea towels

  9. Cookie jar (bonus points if you fill it with homemade cookies!)

  10. Welcome mat

  11. Decorative wreath

  12. Personalized art like this burlap print

  13. Bottle opener and some craft beer

  14. Custom Christmas ornament in the shape of the new home like this one

  15. Rolling pin and pie pan

  16. Key rack or key rail

  17. Cheese board set

  18. Art depicting the couple’s state like this print

  19. Wine bottle house numbers

  20. Bucket of cleaning supplies

  21. Novelty salt and pepper shakers like these

  22. Potted flower or plant

  23. Pizza container garden

  24. Air plants and holders like these

  25. Gift card to a nearby restaurant

  26. Monogrammed candle holder

  27. USB wallplug

  28. A casserole in a new casserole dish that doesn’t need to be returned

  29. Gift card to a nearby hardware store

  30. Return address embosser

  31. Window box with the homeowner’s new house numbers like this one

  32. Membership to a nearby attraction (museum, zoo, amusement park)

  33. A DVD and jiffy pop

  34. Family board games

  35. Portrait of the new home like this

  36. Coaster set

  37. Rubber address stamp

  38. Longitude and latitude art like this print

  39. Nice keyring for the homeowner’s new house keys

  40. Succulent terrarium

Now it's your turn! Tell us some unique housewarming gifts that you've given or received.