5 Tips for First Time Home Buyers: Part 2

Thinking about purchasing your first home? Although it is a big decision, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve put together a list of tips for first time home buyers to help make the process easier. These tips and the help of our team will make buying your first home fun and painless!

Carefully consider the type of home you want

This first tip may be the most important part of the decision making process. Here you’ll decide if you want to own a traditional home, purchase a condo, or rent an apartment. Read our recent blog if you need help deciding whether to rent or buy. After you make this decision, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step.

Hire a qualified home inspector

Before you purchase a home you’ll want to have a home inspector take a look to give you the lowdown on the home. The information he or she provides you with will help you in negotiating terms on purchasing the home. We’d be happy to help set you up with trusted home inspectors in the Indianapolis area.

Consider the big picture

Owning your home isn’t always easy. Purchasing a home is a long term investment, but taking care of a home is a lot of work. Plan ahead as you prepare to buy a home and be sure to understand what work will be necessary to keep the home maintained.

Examine the neighborhood

Make sure you spend some time in the neighborhood during different times of the day to get a feel for the neighborhood. Drive around to visit parks and other public spaces with your family to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone.

Hire a reputable realtor

We may have lied earlier when we said picking your home type is the most important decision for first time home buyers. Hiring a reputable realtor is way more important! The Ferris team is ready to work with you to help get you in your first home. Let us know if you have any questions on how to get started.

Are you a first time home buyer? What’s one question we can answer for you?