The 7 Deadly Home Seller Sins

So you’ve listed your home for sale, you’ve had a showing or two but now there’s no interest from anyone. You’re in home seller’s hell! Below are the 7 deadly home seller sins. Chances are, it’s one of these 7 sins that are preventing the sale of your home. The good news? They’re not too hard to correct. 


It’s natural to want to get the most money you can out of your house. But if you overprice your home, it’ll sit on the market indefinitely. Buyers are looking for a house at fair market value. If yours is overpriced you won’t even get buyers in the door for showings, much less an offer. This article by Bill Gassett fully examines the dangers of overpricing a home. 

Picking the Wrong Realtor 

Your Realtor is your best ally when it comes to selling your home. If you choose a Realtor who is inexperienced, overworked, or dispassionate, you’re going to have a weak ally. Quite frankly, there are a lot of Realtors out there who aren’t good at their job for one reason or another. It’s vital to your home sale that you put in the time to interview multiple Realtors. Ask questions such as: 

Are you a part-time or full-time agent? 

How long have you been a Realtor? 

How many listings did you have/sell last year? 

How will you communicate with me?  

Can I see references? 

 The 7 Deadly Home Seller Sins

Here are even more tips for choosing a Realtor from 

Ignoring Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything and they are made quickly. In the case of selling a home, curb appeal is the first impression that you get to make to buyers. It’s a snapshot of what buyers can expect to see inside. If your home is a mess on the outside, why would buyers thinks it’s anything but a mess inside? There are many ways to improve curb appeal and many are budget-friendly. 

Not sure if your house has curb appeal? Find out here! 

Failure to Stage

There are different levels of staging a home, including hiring a professional home stager. In some cases, a pro can offer a lot of help that can get your house sold quicker and for more money. But not every home seller can afford a professional home stager and not every home needs one. With that said, every home seller should do some home staging. This article from Lynn Pineda outlines 3 ways to set your home up for sale that any seller on any budget can manage. 

You can also find more tips on home staging right here. 

Refusing to Clean Up Before Showings 

You know what would be awesome? If all home sellers had a passion for cleaning like Monica Geller. But few do and we don’t blame them—we loathe cleaning too! But when you’re selling a home, it’s necessary to keep it neat and orderly. A dirty home takes away from all the great features of your house. Instead of noticing the great workspace your kitchen offers, buyers will notice the dirty dishes piled in the sink. A dirty home also sends the message to buyers that you don’t care for your house and haven’t maintained it well. Send a positive message to buyers that your house is beautiful and well-maintained by keeping it clean for showings

The 7 Deadly Home Seller Sins

Your House Stinks

A smelly home is a real turn-off for home buyers. Just like a dirty home, a smelly home sends a bad message to buyers. If you smoke, have pets, struggle to keep up with chores, or have a damp basement or crawl space—you may need to address smells in your home. Here are a few tips to “de-stinkify” your house. 

Staying for Showings 

Buyers need to feel comfortable walking around your house and investigating every nook and cranny. They need to feel they can open up closets and cabinets, check under the sink for leaks, ensure that the windows open. Buyers like to take their time and get a feel for the house. If you are around for this process, buyers will feel rushed and awkward. 

When the homeowners stick around for showings they often start trying to sell their house—trying to persuade buyers why their house is the one for them. Again, this tends to make buyers feel uncomfortable and in some cases, irritable. Leave the selling up to your Realtor! 


Did you identify which deadly home seller sin you are committing? Need more advice on how to correct it? Leave us a comment below and we’ll be happy to help. 

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The 7 Deadly Home Seller Sins