Thanksgiving Dinner Resources

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! This means families will be in town, thanks will be given, and kitchens will be busy! If this is your first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner or even if you’re a holiday-hosting vet, here are some helpful resources to keep Thanksgiving Day fun and easy:

Thanksgiving Dinner Resources to Help You Host the Ultimate Feast!


How Much Turkey Per Person? 

Buying a turkey for your Thanksgiving meal can be a challenge. When you get to the store it can be daunting to see all the turkey options, but it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Rule of thumb: 1 pound per person. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Portion Planner

It’s always difficult to guess the right amount of food when hosting a Thanksgiving meal. The balance to make sure everyone is fed and the leftovers don’t spill out of the fridge is tricky to find. This resource breaks down every part of your meal and helps you ensure that all of your guests will be fed and full!

The 30 Best Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

The turkey is the star of the show on Thanksgiving Day. It is the key to a successful, unforgettable meal. Check out this resource for thirty awesome ways to cook your turkey. You’ll find everything from traditional to bold: try any of these recipes and everyone at your table will be satisfied. 

31 Unexpected Thanksgiving Sides

Thanksgiving is full of traditions; from the turkey to the cranberry sauce there are certain dishes that are on the table every year. Traditions are always a part of Thanksgiving, but why not try something new too?! If you want to spice up the table this year check out this resource for some fun side dishes like bourbon sweet potato casserole with bacon and pecans or stuffing muffins!



House Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning up the house is a ritual as important as the turkey carving, it always happens no matter what. We all want to impress friends and relatives with a shiny and tidy house. Did you know that with just baking soda and vinegar you have a shower cleaner, carpet stain remover, AND a microwave cleaner? Check out this awesome resource from our website for directions and even more tips to make your clean up easier. 

Preparing Your Home for Thanksgiving

If this is your first time hosting, it may be hard to figure out where to start. Do you start by planning the meal? The cleaning? The decorating? There’s not always a perfect place to start, but make sure to keep it clean and more importantly keep it comfortable. Think about the temperature and space in your house: the oven will create a lot of heat so maybe turn down the thermostat and create a designated area for your guests’ coats and purses to help with clutter. For more tips check out our blog post, Preparing Your Home for Thanksgiving. 



How to Create an Inviting Guest Room

Lots of people will be in your house on Thanksgiving Day. Some may even be there days before and after, so make sure your home is inviting and homey for them. Providing a comfortable place to sleep, leaving a fan in their room, or even creating a welcome basket with shampoo, tissues, and most importantly the Wi-Fi password. 

Fun Conversation Starters for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is always a time to catch up with relatives and old friends. The typical “What are you doing these days?” and “Are you dating anyone?” questions will be asked, but what do you talk about after? Check out this resource for conversation starters between adults and even between adults and kids! This’ll make sure there’s never a moment of awkward silence at your dinner table. 


If you’re having any troubles planning your Thanksgiving meal or preparing for your guests, make sure to check out these resources and keep them handy! We hope everyone has a happy and warm Thanksgiving Day!