Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas

If you’re selling your home, it’s important to invest a bit of money on the exterior of your home. Home buyers make their impressions quick, and if your house has little to no curb appeal, you can forget about getting an offer. 

Luckily, most improvements to the outside of your home are very affordable and go a long way to boosting curb appeal. In fact, some of them are free—they just require a time investment. Before putting your home on the market, consider investing a small amount of time and money into these budget-friendly curb appeal ideas. 


Mow the Grass

Keeping your grass mowed and your sidewalks edged will show buyers you care for your home. Trimmed grass will also help highlight the rest of your yard’s features, such as flower beds.

Cost: FREE

Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas: Keep your lawn mowed and manicured

Mulch Flowerbeds

Mulch will keep weeds at bay and will make the flowers in your flower beds pop. 

Cost: $20-$40 per cubic yard, depending on the type of mulch you choose

Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas: Mulch Flowerbeds

Update the Porch Light

If your porch light is dim, broken, outdated, or builder-grade, replace it. You’ll be surprised to see how large of an impact an attractive, bright porch light can make.  

Cost: $40-$100

Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas: Update the porch light

Paint the Front Door

Greet buyers with a freshly painted front door in a color that bring attention to your home’s entrance. Make sure to choose a color that coordinates with the rest of your home’s exterior. 

Cost: About $25 

Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas: Paint the Front Door

Update House Numbers 

Replace your old house numbers with an updated set in a modern font. This is especially important if your home is missing house numbers or if your current ones are rusty or in bad condition.

Cost: About $4 per number  

Add Potted Plants Near the Front Door

Potted plants near the front door will add color and warmth to your porch. If your porch is covered, be sure to pick a plant that can thrive in the shade. Also be sure to choose potted plants that will make a statement, but does not overtake the space. 

Cost: Between $20-$50

Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas: Add potted plants near the front door

Wash Away Dirt

Dirt, debris, and bird droppings can get stuck to a house’s exterior. Take your garden hose to wash away the grime. Afterwards, use the same hose to wash away dirt and debris from your sidewalks. 

Cost: FREE  

Wash the Windows

You’ll get double the benefit from this tasks—not only will it improve curb appeal, but it’ll let more natural light inside your home, which buyers are also looking for.  

Cost: FREE


What outdoor project do you think makes a big impact on curb appeal at a low cost?