Children's Museums In & Around Indianapolis


Even with spring right around the corner, there are still many cool and rainy days ahead. Yet the thought of spring creates an itch in almost everyone to get out and about, especially if you have kids that are bouncing off the walls of your home. Indianapolis and its surrounding areas are home to a multitude of children’s museums that are fun to visit over and over again.


To start off, consider heading south of Indianapolis, straight down 65 to downtown Columbus, home of Kidscommons, a hands-on children’s museum that lets your child experience, hands-on, making healthy food choices while grocery shopping at Lil Tots Grocery. Or send them right down an oversized toilet, in the exhibit that explores the inner workings of a house. The bubbleology section of this quaint kids museum lets kids make a bubble around their body or try making bubbles with shapes that aren’t round.

WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology

Speaking of bubbles, one of our favorite bubble exhibits finds it’s home in Bloomington at the WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology. Bubble-Airium combines the fun of make huge bubble screens and the science behind all sorts of soapy questions. This museum for kids also caters to kids under six with a Discovery Garden, providing early childhood science experiences in a protected space. Sometimes, you can even find volunteers from the university, helping with special exhibits.

Muncie Children's Museum

If you’re not in the mood to head south, try north and east to the Muncie Children’s Museum, where the philosophy is to help children learn, while having fun. They’ve decked out an area where your little ones can participate in Make Believe Theatre, dressing up and acting out any scene their little hearts desire. Have them check out Edmund F. Ball’s first car, a 1915 Interstate 30! It was manufactured in Muncie and lets kiddos crawl underneath, imagining a career as a mechanic.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the largest Children’s Museum in the world, that clearly has kids at the front of their agenda. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is one of the oldest museums to cater to the young and young at heart. Founded in 1924, the museum feels new every visit by offering up some pretty cool rotating exhibits. From March to July 2015: Transformers - Robots in Disguise will show off some of the innovation that developed the unforgettable robots. And from May to August 2015: HotWheels - Race to Win you can get a closer look at the world of racing, while playing with some of the most famous toys on this planet. Even with the excitement of the new stuff, the permanent exhibits are not to be ignored! They include the prehistoric world of Dinosphere, where your youngsters can dig for dinosaur bones and discovering the how science and nature blend together in ScienceWorks (just to name a couple). Before you leave, take a ride on the antique carousel that was once an Indianapolis park attraction.


We’ve just chosen a few of the many children’s museum activities throughout the state. Hopefully this will spring-board your creativity to get out and about with your family as the months begin warming up!