Picking a paint color for your home

Choosing the right color for your home’s exterior can be an overwhelming task. It’s difficult to look at a tiny paint chip and then imagine what that color will look like covering something as big as a house. Here are some tips to help you with this challenging decision.

1. Consider the Color of Your Roof and the Other Building Materials of Your Home

All the elements of your home’s exterior should flow together. You may find a beautiful blue for your home’s siding, but if you have orange-ish brick and a green roof, that’s probably going to make your home look too busy. So unless you plan to update your roof and building materials of your home, make sure to include them in your color palette.

2. Consider the Color of Other Homes in Your Neighborhood

You certainly don’t need to paint your home to perfectly match your neighbors’ but you also don’t want to be the only purple home on a block of neutral colored homes.

3. Remember The Sun Will Impact How the Color Looks

A paint sample can look one way in the hardware store and entirely different when it’s on your home. The sun, the surrounding landscape, and the type of material you are painting will all affect the color.

4. Take Advantage of Paint Samples

Hardware and paint stores sell handy 8 oz. paint samples for a few dollars. Since we know that the color will look different on your home than it does in the store, it’s worth the few bucks to try it before committing to it. An even better idea is to get a few paint samples from the same color family but in different tones and try them next to each other. Then you can compare what they look like throughout the day in different lighting situations.

5. Use Trim Paint to Play Up Your Home’s Architectural Features

Your trim paint can be a powerful tool for highlighting your home’s best features. Use it to show off your home’s roof line or if you have a Victorian or Queen Anne style home, use trim paint to play up the ornate architectural features.

6. Don’t Rule Out Neutrals as “Too Boring”

If you’re someone who likes to take decorating risks and make bold statements, you may initially think that neutral colors are too drab or boring. When it comes to a home’s exterior, sometimes it’s best to stick with a light, neutral color and save your bold statements for the color of your shutters, front door, or trim paint.

Picking a Paint Color For the Exterior of Your House

If you follow these 6 tips, you’ll be much closer to finding the perfect paint color for your home’s exterior. Don’t forget to prep your siding before getting started. For information on how to do that, go here. Good luck and happy painting!