Emotionally Preparing to Sell Your Home

Selling your home is an emotional journey. Even if you’ve lived in your current home for only a few years, you’ve had experiences and made memories and that can be hard to leave behind. 

One of the best ways to prepare emotionally to sell your home is to know what to expect during the process. Understanding the home selling process will help you mentally prep for everything to come. Plus, when you know what to expect, you can begin planning for different scenarios. Having plans in place will help you think rationally and feel more in control. 

If you are working with an experienced and qualified Realtor, he or she will guide you through each of aspect of selling your home. This will greatly decrease the stress and emotional burden that is inherent with selling a house.  

Here’s what you can expect when selling a home and tips to get through each step: 

Pricing Your House

One of the first things your Realtor will help you determine is the price at which to list your house. This can be an emotional process because it’s difficult to put a price on a place that contains so many memories. It’s important to work with a Realtor you trust and have confidence in to help you determine the right price.

During this step, it’ll be helpful to start viewing your home as a product to be marketed. This is also a good time to look forward to your next home and imagine all the many great experiences that will occur there!

 Emotionally Preparing to Sell Your Home

The Appraisal 

Your home appraisal will impact your listing and selling price, so it can be a difficult time emotionally for sellers. It's common for sellers to feel anxious during this time and hurt or frustrated if the appraisal comes in lower than expected.

To obtain a fair market price for your home, choose a certified home appraiser who is knowledgeable on your neighborhood. Together with your Realtor, inform your appraiser of attractive comps in the area and the upgrades that have been made to your home over the past few years. 

To learn about the difference between an appraisal, assessment, and market value of your home, click here.  

Home Inspection 

Many sellers get nervous during the home inspection. Be realistic and realize that there will be issues that show up on the inspection. Even homes in the best condition have issues that show up so don’t panic!

To eliminate surprises on your home inspection, you may want to have one completed before listing your home. This way, you can budget for and fix any major issues in the time frame that works best for you. 

Emotionally Preparing to Sell Your Home

Getting an Offer

Getting an offer on your home means it decision time— and big decisions most always cause big emotions! Getting an offer on your home is a wonderful feeling but it can also be stressful to decide whether or not to take it. 

Your Realtor will walk you through offers made on your house and can help you determine if a counter-offer makes sense. However, the decision is ultimately yours. If time permits, it’s often best to sleep on it. After all, hasty decisions are usually the ones most regretted. 

Getting a Low-Ball Offer

Receiving a low-ball offer can feel like a slap in the face. This is a home that you’ve loved and cared for and have had thousands of happy moments in, doesn't the buyer get that?!

The number one thing to remember if you receive a low-ball offer is do not take it personally! The buyer isn't trying to offend you (although it might feel that way), he/she is simply trying to get an amazing deal. Work with your Realtor to come up with an appropriate response or counter-offer. 

For more tips on how to deal with low-ball offers, check out this awesome post by Bill Gassett!

Emotionally Preparing to Sell Your Home

Have you recently sold you home? What was the most stressful part of the process? What helped you to get through it?