The Scariest Haunted Houses in Indianapolis

When Halloween festivities come around, you’ll have costumes, candy, and creepy traditions in mind. One of the most fun things to do around this time of year is visit local haunted houses—who doesn’t love a good scare!? Indianapolis and Central Indiana, in general, have some really fun and super scary haunted houses. Check these out and let us know how you like them…if you get out alive…

Fright Manor

2909 S Meridian St, Indianapolis

Fright Manor is a large haunted house in Indianapolis mostly for those over 13 years of age. The Scare Factor recently reviewed this house and has a lot of great information about the sounds, special effects, and overall experience. Tickets are $20 per person to visit three of their scary experiences: Camp Dead Wood, 7 Deadly Sins and Psychomanthium. They have a fourth area called Zombie Alley which is an additional $5 on the ticket price. You can do all four plus get a speed pass for just $35. Fright Manor is open most weekend nights in October.

Haunted Angelus House

8829 E Washington St, Indianapolis

The Angelus House is an organization with a good scare and a great cause; they raise money for a non-profit cerebral palsy group home. Haunted House Indy calls this one of the most detailed haunted houses they have ever seen. General admission is $22 and tickets can be purchased online. The experience is sure to be terrifying and satisfying at the same time.

Hanna Haunted Acres

7323 E Hanna Ave, Indianapolis

A full haunted experience is provided when you visit Hanna Haunted Acres. You’ll be scared to look in your rear-view mirror when you drive home! Haunted Hayrides, Mazes, and Houses provide fright and entertainment all night long. Whereas most haunted houses strictly restrain any physical contact between the haunted and the customers, Hanna Haunted Acres has an exhibit where all who enter have to sign a waiver to allow the characters to touch them. If you really want to be scared, wait until you get pushed up against a wall by a masked monster with a chainsaw! Tickets vary in price depending on attractions from $13-$50.

Indiana Fear Farm

6736 S 500 W, Jamestown

Indiana Fear Farm is Indiana’s scariest haunted hayride and slaughter barn. There is no shortage of opportunities to be absolutely horrified when you visit this well-known Jamestown attraction. The main event is the 20-minute pitch-black hayride, packed with explosions and attacks from all angles. Even scarier is the slaughter barn only for the truly brave. You’ll be let in and left to find your way out of this intense environment—good luck sticking with friends. Tickets are reasonably priced with both experiences totaling less than $25.

The Asylum House

7300 East Troy Avenue, Indianapolis

Last but definitely not least on our list is the Asylum House. If you’ve never visited this haunted sight, you’ve likely heard friends and acquaintances talking about it. For the last 20 years they have been providing terrifying entertainment to all of Indiana’s residents during this time of year. The Asylum House is located at the Marion County Fairgrounds—a place that’s hard to run away from when you get too scared! Not for the weak: Journeys through this experience will cost between $14-$34. They have 8 different attractions this season, ranging from “Cannibal Kitchen” to “Psycho Ward.” Visit if you dare!


If you live through any of these experiences, give us your reviews! Haunted Houses in Indy are some of the best—try to visit some of these top 5 this season.