How to Baby Proof Your Home

Are you adding a new addition to your home? No, not a breakfast nook, a baby! There are so many wonderful new experiences waiting for you as a new parent. To make this experience as stress-free as possible and safe for you and your little one, take some time to baby proof your home. 

Depending on the age of your child, that will greatly determine the lengths to which you will want to prepare. As your baby becomes more mobile, baby proofing will be key. Follow these helpful steps and everyone should be happy and safe. 

Lock It Down!

Locks, invest in many of them. You’ll need them for your cabinets that are within reach in every room in the home. Be especially careful to do so on cabinets that contain cleaning supplies, chemicals, medicine, sharp objects and anything else that could be dangerous if your baby got ahold of it. You can find locks and latches for almost anything in your home from the toilet to your cabinets to the fridge. It can all be locked safe from prying little hands. 

Secure Wires and Outlets

If you can see and reach a wire, that means at some point, so could your baby. Loose wires can be a choking hazard or could lead to electric shock. Invest in wire covers to hide cords. It will make your home more neat and organized as well as a safer environment for your child. Outlet covers are another must have for new parents. Those tiny fingers inevitably try to poke anything within reach. These covers make sure it’s not an open electrical outlet. Some newer outlet covers actually have this feature built in!

Create Barriers

The first step in keeping your new baby safe is keeping them away from the hazardous areas of the home. Your beautiful hardwood stairs should be gated before the first sign that your baby is crawling. Think about the other areas of your home that could also be harmful such as an exposed brick fireplace, any furniture or shelving (especially those with sharp edges) that could be gripped and toppled over. Think about what is within reach and what catches their interest. If your baby reaches for the shiny metal faucet in the bathtub, it may be a good idea to get a child-friendly cover. 

How to Baby Proof Your Home

Take Some Time to See the World From Their Perspective

You may think you have successfully baby proofed your home only to realize that your once inconspicuous magnets on the fridge are a deadly choking hazard. Take some time and and check out what the world looks like from your baby’s reach and perspective. Get down on their level and see what you can find, reach, grab, and pull, You many be surprised by what you can get into at that level.  

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How to Baby Proof Your Home