How to Create an Inviting Guest Room

If you regularly host overnight guests, it’s helpful to have a dedicated guest room in your home. A guest room is much nicer for both you and your guests than having them sleeping on the pullout sofa in the middle of your living room. It allows your guests to have privacy and allows you to keep the rest of your house in order. 

Create a welcoming guest room with these tips: 


  1. Providing a comfortable place to sleep should be the number one priority when creating an inviting guest room, so choose a comfortable, queen-sized bed. A queen-sized bed ensure there’s enough room for a couple to sleep comfortably.
  2. Clean out the closet and provide empty hangers. This allows your guests to hang up their clothing and have a place to store their luggage that’s out of the way. 
  3. Provide extra blankets in case your guests get cold as they sleep. Consider placing blankets in a chest at the end of the bed or in a stylish basket. 
  4. Provide a fan if the room does not already have a ceiling fan. This will help your warm-blooded guests stay cool and comfortable. 
  5. Place a few books in the room in case your guest can’t sleep and forgot to bring their own. Choose books from various genres to ensure that your guest can find a book that he or she will find interesting. 
  6. Create a welcome basket and place it in the room. Here are a few things to consider putting in the welcome basket: 
  • A card with your home’s wifi network and password
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • lotion 
  • tissues
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • hair dryer
  • bottled water
  • midnight snack (a bag of pretzels or jar of peanuts work well)  

What’s your best advice for creating a welcoming guest room?