How to Deter Home Burglars

Summer: the season of the most sunburns, cookouts, and, unfortunately, home break-ins. The warm months are especially inviting to home burglars who search for houses with open windows or those which have been vacated for summer getaways. Millions of American homes will be broken into this year by amateur thieves — those who are looking for blatant signs of your home’s temporary vulnerability. Of course, living on well-lit and safeguarded streets will decrease your chance of a home burglary, but it’s important to take caution in deterring home burglars no matter how safe your home seems.

Tips for Deterring Home Burglars 

One of the simplest ways to deter burglars is to make your house appear to be occupied, even when you’re out on a trip to the pool or on a vacation out of town. If you’ll be on an extended trip, have someone frequently check in at your home to check the mail, mow the lawn, and upkeep a lived-in curb appeal. A home with a month’s worth of deliveries stacked on the porch or a foot-tall grass is a home calling for intruders. For shorter outings, leave lights on, the radio turned up, or a few pieces of clothing hung out to dry so your home appears to be currently in use. While these things may seem like common sense, they may be the simplest, overlooked ways to discourage those spontaneous occurrences by robbers scanning your neighborhood on a summer afternoon.

The next step in safeguarding your home is investing in security features. Look into what you can afford — deadbolts, alarm systems, extra lighting, cameras, or even just a safe for your valuable belongings. Steve Houseworth, a program director for Theft Talk, recommends just putting up a yard sign for a security system even if you cannot afford a security system at the time. This will, at the very least, trick potential burglars into thinking your house is a little tougher to get in and out of. If you’re willing to invest in more structural security, the garage door would be a good place to begin. Make sure your garage door has a deadlock as it is one of the most susceptible break-in avenues otherwise. The next most-used entries are through sliding-glass doors and windows. Even just placing a wooden pole in sliding-glass door tracks will make your home a little more secure.

How to Deter Home Burglars

With home burglaries occurring every minute in the US, it’s best to be prepared and aware to prevent your house from being victim to one of these crimes. Create bonds and plans with your neighbors to help one another, be smart about sharing your travel plans and spare keys, and invest what you can afford in home security procedures. 

We hope these tips are helpful in making your home more secure this summer and all year-round. While we all hope to never have our homes targeted in a burglary, we can all help ourselves and one another by being prepared. Please let us know if you have any tips to add for deterring home burglaries.

Be safe and enjoy your summer!

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