Easy and Affordable Tricks to Liven Up Your Living Room

Is your living room looking drab, outdated or lifeless but you don’t have a large budget for a major remodel? Don’t worry! Bringing your living room back to life needn't cost a fortune. These simple and affordable tricks will teach you how to liven up your living room without blowing your budget.

Change Your Throw Pillows

Simply swapping out the throw pillows on your couch can add a new vibrancy to your living room. Try mixing color and patterns for an especially fun look! If you are still using the same throw pillows that came with your couch (a big interior design faux pas, by the way) start with this trick!

*Extra Money Savings Trick: Make your own new pillow covers and stuff them with your old pillows. Dig through the remnants bin of your local fabric store. It doesn’t take a lot of fabric to cover a pillow. If you’re not a sewer, check out this no-sew pillow cover tutorial.

Update Window Treatments

Window treatments can soften a room, warm-up a room, add color to a room, add height to a room… You get the point, they do a lot! So if your curtains are old or drab, think about replacing them. If you have patterned furniture, go with solid-color curtains to prevent your living room from looking too busy. But if you have solid-color furniture have fun and choose a curtain with an interesting pattern. Remember that curtains should be hung above and outside your window frame. This will make your window appear bigger and add height to the room.

Add New Artwork to Your Walls

Swapping out or adding new artwork to your walls can drastically change the look of your living room. When it comes to hanging artwork in the living room, there are lots of options. We personally love gallery walls, triptychs over the couch, and large statement pieces.

*Extra Money Savings Trick: Head to the craft store for a canvas and paint and make it yourself! Honestly, you don’t have to be an artist to make great artwork for your home. Get inspired by browsing Pinterest.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes bringing your living room back to life is as simple as rearranging your furniture, so enlist the help of your spouse or friend and start lifting! We recommend first clearing the room of all furniture because it’s easier to imagine possible arrangements in an empty room than one full of furniture. If your living room allows it, place furniture away from walls. If your living room was cramped to begin with, don’t put every single furniture item back into the room. If you get stuck and just can’t figure out a good arrangement, consult this article.

*Bonus: Rearranging furniture provides an excellent opportunity to sweep up those dust bunnies lurking under the couch!

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the easiest and most affordable way to liven up a room is with a fresh coat of paint. It makes the entire room look cleaner and more vibrant. If your room is looking drab but you can’t figure out why, examine your ceiling, walls, and trim. Are they scuffed up, dirty, or dingy? Then it’s time for a new coat of paint!

Swap out Knick-Knacks

Our theory is that knick-knacks should be the fun things sitting around a room that help you recall happy memories or bring you joy when you glance at them. So if the knick-knacks sitting around your living room aren’t bringing a smile to your face, it’s time for them to go. Replace them with a few meaningful or beautiful items. Keep it simple because too many knick-knacks will start to look like clutter. Not to mention that they’ll be terribly annoying to dust around!

*Extra Money Savings Trick: You’ll be surprised at the treasures you can find at yard sales, flea markets, vintage stores, and second-hand shops if you commit to digging around.

What is your easiest or most affordable trick to liven up a living room? Leave your tips in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page.