How to Prepare Kids for a Move

Moving can be difficult for everyone involved, especially children. Planning, packing, making the can get overwhelming and even confusing for the little ones. Before you start the process, use this guide to help prepare your kids for a move.

Be Upfront

The first step to preparing children for a move is to be upfront about it. As you start to plan your move, keep the kids informed about what is going to happen. Giving them plenty of time to adjust to the notion of a new home and the opportunity to say goodbye to friends will make the process much easier.

Explain The Situation

Maybe one of the parents got a new job. Maybe you outgrew the old house. Whatever the reason, be sure to explain it to your children.

Get The Kids Involved

Getting the kids involved in moving is a great way to lessen the stress. Give them projects like packing up boxes or cleaning up spaces to let them know that they are a part of the process. Who might even be fun!

Host A Going Away Party

Who doesn’t love a good party!? Hosting a going away party will give your entire family a chance to create lasting memories of the old house. It will also give you a great opportunity to get excited about the upcoming changes.

Answer Any Questions

No one likes being left in the dark so be sure to ask your children if they have questions about how the moving process works. Your children will probably have lots of questions about the new home, so get them involved by asking them what they would like to know.

Spend Time In The New Community

A new neighborhood is one of the scariest parts of moving for a child. Before you leave your home, take the family for a trip to neighborhood parks, restaurants, and schools to get them acquainted.

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Have you moved homes with children before? What tip would you share to help prepare kids for a move?