How to Make Your House Shine Like a Diamond

If you want your house to sell fast and for top dollar (and who doesn’t?!) then it needs to stand out from the competition—meaning every other house for sale in your neighborhood. So how do you do that? Polish up your house and it will shine like a diamond!

Add Curb Appeal

Buyers will form a first impression of your house before they even set foot in it. That’s why curb appeal matters so much! If the exterior of your house doesn’t shine, buyers are going to assume the interior is just as lackluster. Before putting your house on the market, budget some time and money to improve your home’s curb appeal. It doesn’t have to take a lot of either if you’re wise about it. Here are some tasks to tackle:

  • Keep the grass mowed
  • Pull weeds out of flower beds
  • Put down fresh mulch in flower beds
  • Add a few potted plants/flowers near the front door
  • Paint the front door
  • Update house numbers
  • Make sure outdoor lighting is working properly
  • Put down a welcome mat at the front door
  • Keep walkways clear of debris, gutter extensions, garden hoses, and kids’ toys
  • Clean the gutters
  • Wipe down patio furniture 

Want even more ideas? Get a huge list of ways to improve your curb appeal here!

How to Make Your House Shine Like a Diamond

Fix Major Problems

Every single issue that your house has does not need to be fixed before listing it for sale. You should, however, fix any major issues. Common issues that tend to turn-off buyers include: a leaky roof, damaged hardwood/stained carpets, foundation issues, broken HVAC system. Tackle as many of the major issues as you can now, otherwise you’ll see them show up on the home inspection later. If you’re unsure of your home’s major problems, consider getting a pre-listing home inspection. 

Make Minor Renovations

To get top dollar for your house, you may want to consider some minor renovations. The trick here is to put your money into renovations that will pay off in the end. Don’t waste your money on renovations that home buyers don’t really care about. Consider things like replacing outdated appliances and fixtures, kitchen renovations, coating walls with a fresh coat of neutral-color paint, and refinishing hardwood floors. Take a look at the 2015 Remodeling Impact Report to learn which renovations tend pay off the best

How to Make Your House Shine Like a Diamond

Remove Personal Items and Clutter

If you want your house to shine, buyers need to actually be able to see it, not your stuff. Personal items, toys, bulky furniture, knickknacks, and general clutter get in the way of a buyer’s vision for the home. Box these items up and put them in a storage unit until you move to your next home. 

Clean, Clean, and Clean Again 

One of the most effective ways to make a house shine is with a thorough cleaning. If you’ve already removed the clutter from your house, cleaning will be much easier. If cleaning just isn’t your thing, you can hire a service to come and do a deep cleaning. Be sure to follow these tips on how to keep your house clean for showings (and don’t forget to download the bonus cleaning checklist!) 

How to Make Your House Shine Like a Diamond

Get Rid of Unpleasant Odors 

No matter what you do, a house that stinks is not going to shine at showings! It’s going to have buyers running in the other direction. If your house has a bad odor, pinpoint where it’s coming from and fix the problem. Some common issues are pet stains, cigarette smoke, and mildew. Many smells are easy to get rid of and require simple tasks like taking the garbage out more frequently, opening up the windows to air out the house, or shampooing carpets. We have an entire guide dedicated to de-stinkifying your house. Be sure to read it! 

Let the Sun In

A house full of sunshine is sure to sparkle and shine! Before showings, clean your windows, open your blinds, pull back your curtains, and let that sunshine in! If your house still seems dark, there are a few tricks you can do to make it appear brighter

How to Make Your House Shine Like a Diamond

Polishing up your house so it shines does take a little effort and money, but it’ll be well worth it! After all, it’s the shiniest house on the block that sells the fastest and at the best price! 


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