It’s a tech world we live in these days, that’s for certain. Every day there’s a new app or gadget out there competing for our attention. Many times it’s hard to say if new technology will be helpful or just a waste of time. We keep our eyes peeled for tools we think clients and other agents can benefit from and we found something worth sharing.

The MIBOR mobile app from CoreLogic is packed full of useful features for both consumers and agents. See below for its key features and to find out where to download it.

Key Features:

  • It's not just an agent tool, consumers can see both active and pending listings.

  • Consumers can login to the app with their email address.

  • Agents can login with their existing agent ID to access listings from the two previous years.

  • Ability to save searches within the app.

  • A mapping tool called “lasso” that allows users to draw a perimeter on a map to search for homes.

  • Social media share options for agents to share listings through the app.

Where to Download the MIBOR Mobile App:

  • Go to the Apple App Store if you use an iPhone or iPad.

  • Download the MIBOR Mobile app from Google Play if you use a Droid device.

  • Or just visit www.mibormobile.com to download to other devices.

Learn more about the MIBOR mobile app and upcoming feature enhancements from the MIBOR team in this video:

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