Looking for an adorable suburban town just 20 short minutes from downtown Indianapolis to call home? Then Zionsville may be the place for you!

Zionsville, Indiana


Northern Indianapolis is full of cozy and charismatic towns and Zionsville is just one of many! Only 17 miles northwest of downtown Indianapolis, Zionsville is a homey town perfect for commuting. With just over 25,000 residents Zionsville is a great place to raise a family without being too far from the life of the city.  Additionally, Zionsville is a proud home of its award-winning school system and one of a kind village-style downtown area brimming with unique boutiques and shops! If Zionsville sounds like the place for you, check out more:


Pioneer settler William Zion first founded Zionsville in 1820. By 1852, Zionsville was registered with Boone County and the town began to grow. In 1861, Abraham Lincoln even took a visit to Zionsville, giving one of his whistle-stop speeches* on the way to his inauguration! (Pretty cool, right?!) Zionsville is also home to a building on the National Registry of Historic Places. The historic Town Hall (Castle Hall) was built in 1902 and served as Zionsville’s Town Hall until 1935 when it was renovated into a movie theater. In 1983, Town Hall was added to the National Register of Historic Places and today is still known as a charming piece of Zionsville history.  

*A whistle-stop speech was a popular campaigning tactic used by politicians, where the politician would give a speech to a crowd from the platform of a train observation car or a private railroad car.

Downtown Zionsville

Downtown Zionsville is known for its village-style design, brick roads, and historic period architecture. Downtown is quaint and overflowing with over 160 shops and restaurants! Businesses ranging from high fashion boutiques to specialty shops line the streets of downtown Zionsville. The shops are great, but don’t forget about the awesome and locally-owned restaurants that are great for families and date night! 

If you’re a reader, one cool shop to visit is Black Dog Books. The small white house is filled with rare and used books ranging from rare Civil War era novels to first editions to children’s books. If you’re lucky you may even get a visit from the black dog herself, Sophie!  

Once you’ve taken a look at the shops and boutiques and have worked up an appetite, check out restaurants like The Friendly Tavern or My Sugar Pie! The Friendly Tavern (21+) is known for its famous wings. So famous that the tavern, usually closed on Sundays, even has to open on Super Bowl Sunday! (I promise, these wings are dream worthy!) Don’t forget to also check out My Sugar Pie! There are over 40 different types of pies made with original recipes that will leave you missing your grandmother’s kitchen! 


Zionsville is home to one of the top school systems in Indiana. It has been ranked in the Top 5 Indiana School Districts for the past 15 years. This high ranking and superb education is due to the continuous effort of the teachers, students, administration, parents, and the community! Zionsville residents are always proud of their education system and accolades.  

Zionsville is one of the many incredible suburbs of Indianapolis. It is a great place to raise a family with its awesome school system and the easy commute to the city—it’s a hard place to beat! The tight knit community is a fun, comfortable, and friendly place to settle down and call home!

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