Whether buying or selling a home, it’s important to know if your real estate agent is working full or part-time. Working part-time is convenient for the realtor, but it often doesn’t work out so well for the client. There are some inherent problems with part-time realtors that you should consider before making any commitments.

Although many real estate agents work part-time, they often underperform for these reasons:

  • The realtor is simply working for extra income. It’s great to make some extra cash, but it is unfair to the client if there is no passion for the industry. When it comes to the real estate industry, passion is required!

  • It’s unlikely that a part-time realtor will attend enough classes and seminars to keep them up to date with industry news and changes.

  • Part-time realtors have a much smaller window of time available to their clients. If the realtor works elsewhere, then showing houses, open houses, and closings all must happen outside of regular business hours.

  • As the name implies, a part-time realtor can only focus on your listing part of the time. During normal business hours, their focus is on other commitments and your home or future home must wait.

  • A proven track record is invaluable for a real estate agent. If an agent is only working part time, they may not have the work history that you need to feel comfortable.

This is not intended to say that a part-time realtor won’t do a good job for you. Our goal is to make it clear that there could be issues. The Ferris Property Group is full-time and committed to helping you buy, sell, or research your next Indianapolis home. We are passionate about what we do and will work hard to help you through the entire process. For more information about our team and our mission, please continue to browse the site!

Have you had an experience with a part-time realtor? How was it?