Prepare Your Home for the Spring Market

If you’re planning to sell your home this spring, it’s time to get to work now! Here are 6 steps you should take to get your home ready for the housing market.

1. Clean Out The Clutter

When your home is on the market, it needs to stay as clean and tidy as possible. That can be a big task, but if you clean out the clutter now it’ll be much easier. This also makes staging your home a breeze and you’ll have less to pack when it’s time to move.

2. Make Home Improvements

We’re not talking about major home improvements like adding a deck or adding a half bath, but it is important to fix anything that’s broken. Also consider replacing small items that make big impacts, such as ceiling fans, lights, and doorknobs. You may want to consider having a pre-inspection done on your home if you are concerned that there are major electrical, plumbing, or structural issues.

3. Stage Your Home

Staging your home is the best way to make a good first impression on potential buyers. Since you’ve already cleaned out the clutter, staging your home will be a breeze. Here's more information on staging specific rooms in your home:

Main living spaces

4. Create Curb Appeal

It may be too early to plant flowers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your curb appeal. Do things like clean out your gutters, prune back dormant plants, and paint your front door. For a comprehensive list of ways to improve curb appeal, go here.

5. Choose a Realtor

One of the biggest influences on how fast your home sells is the realtor with whom you choose to work. Choose a realtor with knowledge of the area and who shows you a marketing plan and a detailed marketing analysis, not just the guy who makes idle promises to get you the highest figure.

6. Pick the Right Listing Price

Once you choose an honest and knowledgeable realtor, work with him or her to choose the best listing price. Your realtor will help you compare similar properties in the area that have recently sold. If you price your home too low, buyers may be weary of your home, believing something is wrong with it. If you price it too high, it’ll sit on the market longer than necessary and you risk the appraisal coming in much lower than your asking price.

Good luck to those of you who are selling your home this spring! If you’re in the Indianapolis area, we’d be happy to meet with you to see if our services would be a good fit for you.