The Pros & Cons of Small House Living

Any house can feel like home if you put the right time, care, and people into it. Fortunately, homes come in all shapes and sizes, allowing us to have some options when looking into a house to make our home. When looking into buying or renting a new home, many people think they should aim to get the largest house for their budget, but square feet per dollar is not always the best measurement of a house’s worth. Just take it from tiny-home owners — you can do a lot with small spaces! Small homes can be just as fulfilling as large homes, and even have some additional benefits!

Here are some pros and cons to consider when looking into purchasing a small house:

Pro: Lower bills. Just think of all the space you won’t be heating in the winter and cooling in the summer! Large homes with high ceilings and big rooms require more constant air flow to keep them temperature controlled. In a smaller home, you’ll notice lower utility bills all around. Another expense that will likely decrease is the amount you spend on furnishing your home. While you might decide to invest in nicer furniture if you’re saving money buying a smaller home, you will have to buy less of it.

Con: Rooms can become puzzles. Speaking of furniture, if you are bringing large pieces with you from a more spacious previous home, you could have a hard time fitting it all in. You could make a few extra dollars selling used furnishings to make more room, or you could try to fit all of your beloved pieces into a small house. Bulky furniture in a small house can make rooms feel cramped and even smaller than they are.

Pro: You’re less likely to hoard. If you’re limited on space, you’ll learn to use less and hoard less. Small rooms and storage areas mean you can’t keep lugging around those old sweaters and picture frames you’ve had since college.

Con: Things clutter easily. Though you will be less likely to hoard in a smaller home, you will still have to be conscious of the items you do have in your space. Especially for those who have messy children and/or spouses (because obviously, you are not to blame) picking up and cleaning up will be continuous chores. A small mess feels bigger in a small room.

Pro: Cleaning and maintenance are minimized. Less space means fewer square feet to mop, dust, and maintain. Let’s say in a few years you need to replace the carpet or paint the walls in your small home: you will need fewer supplies and will therefor spend less money. In a large home, painting, cleaning, and maintaining are much larger tasks and much larger expenses, too.

Con: It’s tough to host gatherings. Your house might not be the most comfortable place to host the entire extended family for Thanksgiving. While thoughtful furnishing and lighting can make a room feel large and comfortable enough to host small groups of friends and family, it might be overwhelming to put Second-Cousin Sam and Stepbrother Tony in the same house with 15 of your other relatives.

Pro: Your home will be cozy and comforting. Small homes can be charming, cozy, and entirely complete. Despite some obvious cons, there are many appealing aspects to small-home living. 

The Pros & Cons of Small House Living


If you’re on the hunt for a home, large or small, we’re here to help! Would you ever live in a tiny home? Let us know in the comments below!