Realtor Communication Skills

When it comes to working with a realtor, good communication is essential. Unfortunately, just about every real estate survey out there lists poor communication as the number one complaint from clients. We hear stories all the time about agents completely ignoring clients unless the client chooses to contact them. We’ve even heard of realtors showing up late to meetings or missing them entirely. These things should NEVER happen!

We can’t change how other realtors work, but we can guarantee the service you’ll get with the Ferris Property Group. When you work with us to buy or sell your Indianapolis home, we vow to:


  • Fail to return a call or email.

  • Forget to check our voicemail.

  • Expect you to initiate a conversation.

  • Show up late for meetings or open houses.

  • Contact you with a method you don’t prefer.

  • Fail to give you feedback from open houses and showings.


  • Return your phone calls and emails.

  • Be proactive in contacting you with news and important information.

  • Follow up to make sure you’re happy and informed.

  • Be on time or early for meetings and open houses.

  • Listen to your concerns and help you set goals.

  • Establish a clean contact process that you prefer.

  • Provide relevant feedback from open houses showings.

Our goal is to make buying or selling a home as easy as possible and we feel communication is the key to the entire process. We place great value on communication and we vow to go above and beyond for you. If you’re ready to get started, please get in touch! Feel free to contact us through the website or give us a call at (317) 259-6000.