how to sell a house with pets

Whether you own a dog, cat, gerbil, iguana, or guinea pig, you need to take a few extra steps before you are ready to show your home. Nothing kills interest in a home faster than pet odor, damage or stains so here’s what to do.

1. Remove pet hair from furniture and floors. Use a lint roller, one of the many products for this job at your local pet supply store, or try one of these tricks. After removing pet hair from the furniture, give the floors a good sweep and mop. You don’t want any pet hair tumbleweeds rolling through your home when potential buyers are there.

2. Deep clean carpets and hardwood floors. Spot treat any pet stains and then either rent a carpet cleaner like Rug Doctor or hire a professional to deep clean your carpets. Carpet holds a lot of dirt and debris and this is especially true for pet owners. Deep cleaning the floors is vital for removing pet stains and odors from the home.

3. Before a showing, remove or hide any pet-related items in your home such as pet toys, pet beds, cages, and litter boxes. Some potential buyers will relate these items with stains, damage, and odors and become over-alert at looking for them so it’s best not to have any pet-related items out. Plus, it just makes your home look that much tidier.

4. Ensure that pet odors are gone before showing the home. Often, the homeowner is desensitized to the smell that their pet creates, so have an honest friend or your realtor check. If a foul odor persists, try using air purifiers and high-quality pet odor neutralizers, all of which are available at your local pet supply store.

6.  Pick up the yard. Nothing destroys your curb appeal like stepping in a big pile of Fido’s doodoo. ‘Nuff said.

7. Fix any damage to baseboards, table legs, etc.

8. Remove your pet from the home before the showing begins. There is no reason your pet should be in your home during a showing. Not only will seeing a pet warrant concern from potential buyers that there may be pet stains or odors, potential buyers may be allergic or fearful of pets.Take them to a kennel, play with them at a dog park while the showing is occurring, drop them off at a friend’s place...just get them out of the house!

Are you a pet owner? What are your tips and tricks for keeping your home in tip-top shape while still owning a pet?