selling a home in winter

It has long been said that listing your home in the fall or winter is a bad idea. Industry experts used to feel that homebuyers took the cold months off due to shorter days, increased vacations, and cold weather. Recent real estate industry studies show something quite different.

Modern house hunters are spending more time online looking for homes than ever before. Your potential buyer is sitting in the warmth of their current residence to search for new homes rather than canvassing the cold dark streets. Selling your home in winter is okay, you just have to plan it correctly. Your job is to make the home welcoming and comfortable when they do visit your home.

If you’re planning to sell your home in fall or winter, be sure do the following:

Keep the walks cleared - Indianapolis winters are unpredictable at best. If you’re selling your home be sure to keep walks shoveled and salted at all times so you’re always prepared.

Turn up the heat - Nobody likes a cold house, especially if they’re considering buying it. It will be well worth the money to keep the thermostat turned up a notch or two. Your potential buyer will appreciate the warmth and will feel more comfortable spending time looking through the home. If it’s freezing in there, they may make a snap decision to leave before they get a chance to visit the entire home.

Warm up the yard too - Just because it’s cold and blustery, it doesn’t mean you can't warm up the yard. Considering decorating outdoor flower pots with evergreen branches and winter decor to keep your entryways attractive and welcoming. Find some winter decor  inspiration here.

Highlight natural light - If you have rooms in your home with abundant natural light, now is the time to highlight them. Keep shades drawn during the day to allow warmth and sunlight in.

Have you sold a home in winter or fall before? What was your experience?

Main Image By Simon Howden