staging the kitchen

In this first post on staging your home for sale we’ll be providing tips and tricks on how to stage your kitchen. It’s often said that when you list your house on the market you are trying to sell your kitchen, not your house. This may be true because potential buyers place a lot of emphasis on how a kitchen looks and feels. Your goal as a seller is to make the kitchen appealing to everyone so you’re going to need to change a few things.

As you prepare to sell your home and begin staging rooms, keep these tips and tricks in mind for the kitchen:

First things first, make it sparkle!

  • Clean every nook and cranny, and clean often!

  • Scrub down hard to reach areas like baseboards and corners.

  • Polish chrome pieces on sinks and appliances.

  • Work to remove any lingering odors from cooking. Nobody wants to walk into your home and get hit with the smell of cooked cabbage.

  • Empty cabinets and pantries, discard clutter, and scrub down the shelves.

  • Scrub your drip pans on the stove or replace them if they are too far gone.

Now that it sparkles, tidy it up!

  • Remove magnets and artwork from the fridge.

  • Organize your pantry so it looks neat and fresh. Toss out or hide any unsightly containers like honey or peanut butter jars that are half full.

  • Clear the counter space of everything including the coffee pot and other small appliances.

  • Turn coffee mugs so the handles face the same direction. This may seem over the top, but organization goes a long way!

  • Stage a cookbook on a stand somewhere in the kitchen. This give it an inviting feel that most people will enjoy.

  • Move any objects that are obstructing windows. Let in as much natural light as possible.

Staging your home can be a lot of work, but we hope these tips and ideas will help make the process a little easier. Have you been through this process before? What tips would you recommend?

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