“The Fault In Our Stars” Indianapolis Self-Guided Tour

If you have a teenager living in your home or are just a sucker for good young adult fiction, then you’ve no doubt heard all about John Green’s book (and soon-to-be movie) “The Fault In Our Stars.” For Indy folks, one of the coolest things about the book is that it primarily takes place in and around our great city. If you are looking for something creative to do this weekend, or really want to make your 13-year-old daughter happy, take her on a “Fault In Our Stars” Indianapolis tour. Here are the stops to make:

Indianapolis Museum of Art & Free Basket Sculpture

"We drove right past the museum and parked right next to this basketball court filled with huge red and blue arcs that imagined the path of a bouncing ball."

While the main characters, Hazel and Augustus, never set foot inside the Indianapolis Museum of Art, they do go on a picnic in The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park, which is located on the IMA grounds. The basketball court that Hazel refers to is the Free Basket sculpture by artist Los Carpinteros.

Funky Bones Sculpture

"Two things I love about this sculpture," Augustus said...."First, the bones are just far enough apart that if you're a kid you cannot resist the urge to jump between them.  Like you just have to jump from rib cage to skull."

Hazel and Augustus head past the IMA and Free Basket sculpture to have a picnic at the Funky Bones sculpture by artist Atelier Van Lieshout. This sculpture is also located within The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park.

Holliday Park

“We ended up putting our blanket down by the Ruins, this weird rectangle of Roman ruins plopped down in the middle of a field in Indianapolis.”

Hazel mentions that Holliday Park separates her neighborhood from Augustus’s. She also recollects spending time there with her father, wading in the White River. Later in the book, Hazel and her parents celebrate Bastille Day with a picnic in Holliday Park.

Castleton Square Mall

“Awesomesauce. Happy Half Birthday. Castleton at 3:32?”

Hazel celebrates her thirty-third half birthday by going to the Castleton Square Mall with her friend Kaitlyn. Hazel spends time in the bookstore, the shoe store, the food court, and a few other nonexistent Castleton mall stores.

Grandview Golf Course

“We burned rubber, roaring away from a stop sign before turning left onto the misnomered Grandview (there’s a view of a golf course, I guess, but nothing grand).”

Grandview Drive begins at Ditch Road, just south of 79th Street and ends at Michigan Road, south of Kessler Boulevard, but not before passing the Highland Golf and Country Club. We have to disagree with Hazel on this one, we think that both Grandview and the Highland Golf and Country Club are quite nice!

Speedway Gas Station at 86th & Ditch Road

“Hazel Grace, I’m at the gas station. Something’s wrong. You gotta help me...The Speedway at Eighty-Six and Ditch.”

Ok, so a gas station doesn’t typically make for a fun and exciting destination but if you want the complete tour, a stop at this Speedway is a must.

 So there you have it, “The Fault In Our Stars” Indianapolis tour! Enjoy!