An intro to tiny homes: What they are and why they are so popular.

Tiny Homes: What' the Big Fuss?

There’s a new trend taking the spotlight in the home-makers world: tiny houses. Along with the Do-It-Yourself revolution, comes this fascination with creating fully functional, yet very small homes. While it’s surely exciting, this movement tends to elicit many questions. We’re here to give you the run-down on tiny homes: what they are, and why they are suddenly so popular.

Tiny homes actually come in many shapes and sizes. There are no strict rules on what can or cannot be called a “tiny home,” but most tend to be between 200-400 square feet (while some are as small as 90 square feet). Some look like traditional houses, just in a smaller format, while others are more similar to cabins, treehouses, or even towable units. Tiny homes can be created within a single room that already exists in a larger home, or they can be built so that they are portable, giving tiny-home owners the ability to pack up and move to a new location without finding a new house! These homes range in levels of luxury, some being put together from retired warehouse equipment, while others have very upscale and modern architectural designs.

Those who live in tiny houses tend to be focused on simple, environmentally-conscious living. Many fewer resources are necessary to build and maintain a tiny home compared to a standard-sized house; a smaller house means a smaller carbon footprint. Of course, reducing your space and resources means a change in lifestyle for many Americans who are accustomed to a “bigger is better” lifestyle. While a fully-functioning and all-inclusive living space is possible within a tiny home, making one of these smaller spaces a main residence may mean accepting a simpler day-to-day lifestyle. According to the Huffington Post infographic on the Tiny House Movement, Americans aged 18-34 years are the most likely age group to be interested in the appeal of a tiny home.

It’s all about creativity. Many people who live in tiny homes actually build their homes themselves! This can be an unfamiliar process, but with the right planning and implementation, even those with no prior experience can find success! In order to be happy living in a tiny home, whether you’re living alone or with a number of family members, you have to be creative and well-organized. It takes imagination and resourcefulness to find the space to eat, sleep, play, work, and store your belongings all within the walls of 200 square feet! Despite the challenges that may arise, many find that the money-saving and environmentally-friendly aspects of tiny living really pay off.

Tiny Homes: What they are, and why they are so popular?

The tiny home movement is trending for good reasons. People are finding ways to live simply and happily within spaces that break the norms. Living in a tiny house can mean exploring your creativity, reducing your carbon footprint, and getting (literally) closer to your family. As this topic continues to trend, we’ll bring you more information about the ins and outs of tiny homes. If you have any questions or would like to add to this conversation, feel free to comment or contact one of our Ferris Property Group Team Members.