Ways to improve curb appeal

Curb appeal is your home’s first impression. If you want to entice potential buyers or just be a good neighbor, read this list and complete the tasks that are relevant to your home.

1. Keep the grass cut. Cut about 2” to 3” at a time and never cut more than a third of its total height at a time.

2. Edge your sidewalks

3. Remove dead branches out of trees

4. Maintain bushes, shrubs, trees with regular pruning

5. Pick and adhere to a color scheme when planting flowers

6. Choose flowers that will thrive in your yard (i.e. for shaded yards, don’t choose flowers that need full sun)

7. Repair and clean gutters and downspouts

8. Keep water hoses on reels or put away

9. Pick up after your dog

10. Fertilize your grass 

11. Pull weeds from flower beds

12. Rid your lawn of dandelions

13. Put up a new mailbox or straighten and paint your current mailbox

14. Keep bikes and outdoor toys stored in garage or shed when not in use

15. Update house numbers and ensure that they are easy to see from the road

16. Swap out old, boring porch lights for something more dramatic

17. Put out a welcome mat

18. Paint your front door

19. Choose porch furniture that is easy to maintain and matches the color and style of your home’s exterior

20. Replace any missing shingles from your roof 

21. If you have a pool, keep it clean 

22. Repair any damaged siding or replace any missing siding

23. Give your home’s exterior a new coat of paint

24. Remove lost frisbees from your roof

25. Remove cobwebs from the ceiling of your porch

26. Pressure wash your deck

27. Re-stain and seal your deck as needed

28. Repair cracks in your sidewalk and driveway

29. Reseal asphalt driveway

30. Add window boxes and fill with flowers

31. Put down fresh mulch in your flower beds

32. Light up your landscape and walkway with outdoor solar fixtures

33. Paint your shutters

34. Clean the inside and outside of all your windows

35. Powerwash walkways

36. Remove out of control ivy or other climbing plants from the side of your home 

37. Paint or re-stain your fence

38. Ensure your fence gate is in good working condition

39. Remove any poison ivy that may be growing in the yard

40. Remove old tree stumps from the yard

41. Paint your garage doors

42. Power wash the exterior of your home

43. Be mindful of what you plant in your garden. (i.e. growing rows of tall corn in a small yard may not be the best choice when you are trying to sell your home.)

44. Repair or take down broken swing sets or treehouses

45. Build a pergola

What's your best advice for improving curb appeal?