17 Free and Inexpensive Ways to Stage Your Home in Winter

Selling your home in winter poses unique challenges. One of the biggest challenges is creating a warm and inviting environment when the outside world is anything but! While boosting curb appeal and staging your home may seem easier in the summer, there are actually a lot of free and inexpensive ways to do so in the winter too.

Here are 17 free and inexpensive ways to stage your home in the winter:

1.  Keep driveway, pathways, patios, decks, and steps to your home free from snow and ice.

2.  Add a winter wreath to your front door.

3.  Add a welcome mat at your front door. Bonus: this will also help buyers from tracking in snow and dirt from outside!

4.  Add greenery to outdoor pots.

5.  Put outdoor lights on timers so buyers are never arriving in the dark. This also allows people driving by to see your home.

6.  Turn your thermostat up a few degrees to ensure buyers are comfortable, even on the coldest days.

7.  If you have a gas fireplace, light a fire. Buyers will love to walk in and see a warm, crackling fire!

8.  If you have a non-working fireplace, get creative and place candles, greenery, or vases inside of it. Click here for more ideas.

9.  Add a throw to the back of your couch and a warm blanket or quilt at the foot of each bed.

10.  Open curtains and blinds and turn on each light in your house.

11.  Simmer a few cinnamon sticks on the stove to create an inviting winter fragrance.

12.  Clean your windows from the inside and out. If you have plastic over your windows, remove it so buyers can see the views.

13.  Set your dining room table for a festive winter gathering. Think holiday cookies or soup bowls and terrines.

14.  Place greenery or flowers around your home.

15.  Include photographs of your yard, garden, patio, or deck in the summer so buyers know what they can look forward to in warmer months.

16.  Highlight your home's features that are especially useful in winter. Think attached garage, new furnace, or energy-efficient windows.

17.  Go ahead and decorate for the holidays, just keep it simple. Stick to a few elegant items like a holiday wreath or white twinkling lights. Too many items and you’ll risk your home looking cluttered.

For more year-round staging tips, click here.

What is your best tip for staging your home in the winter? Share in the comments below.