What Does It Take to be a Realtor?

Wondering what it takes to be a realtor? In a nutshell it takes dedication, a passion for helping people, and a desire to manage your own business. Realtors face some specific challenges (or opportunities depending on how you look at it) that require them to possess these traits.

Here are a few of the attributes necessary to be realtor:

No sale, no pay!

There are very few professions these days that are 100% commission and real estate agents work in one of those few careers. To put it simply, if the agent doesn’t make a sale they don’t get paid. Each sale provides the realtor with a percentage based on an agreement made with brokerage companies. This is a good thing for both the client and the realtor. We work hard to make a sale because our income depends on it! Read this blog to learn more about how realtors get paid.

Flexibility is key

Being flexible is absolutely necessary because most people who are buying or selling a home work full-time jobs and realtors must be able to work around their schedules. Realtors do not have to clock in at the office everyday at 8am, but many times they work late into the night or on the weekends to meet the needs of their clients. Our hours are flexible so we can work with clients on their time, not ours.

Being a realtor takes ownership

Being a realtor is just like owning your own business, which is a very rewarding experience. Most of the work realtors get is secured by word of mouth referrals and networking, so the vitality of the business depends on the agent and their motivation to get out and meet people. There are also many costs that the realtor is responsible for to keep their business running. It costs money to get started because of training and other fees and it costs money to keep up with those certifications. This responsibility gives the real estate agent a sense of pride in the business that keeps them working hard to be the best they can be for their clients.

We’re people people!

Working with people is one of the best parts of being a realtor. At times, it can get tense when multiple people are involved in a buying/selling situation. Often times realtors take on a different role as an advisor, and sometimes even a therapist! To be a realtor you must truly love working closely with people throughout all the steps (both the fun ones and challenging ones) in buying  or selling a home.

Markets change

Markets grow and shrink in every industry and real estate is no different. Changes in the market can be tough, but they bring out the passion, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit of a realtor.

So what does it take to be a realtor? It takes hard work, dedication, flexibility, creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a love for working with people. We’ve built our business on these principles and would love to discuss them with you. Whether you’re looking to get into the field or interested in buying/selling a home, please get in touch! Contact us through the website or give us a call anytime!