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Courtney has always wanted to help people, and to make a difference for someone when she was looking for her own path. To Courtney, it was important that she felt fulfilled in her profession. After the first loan she funded, Courtney knew she had found her career. Growing up, a home was not simply a roof and wall; it was everything she and her family loved and knows that many share the same sentiment about their own home as well. This has made her want to be a part of that for others as well as want to help people make it to their own place called home- thus defining her passion and her career.

Courtney’s role with Crosscountry Mortgage is to provide a finance process with the most enhanced communication and personalized service to her clients. It is all about the partnership and relationship built working towards the same goal that she looks to establish. Courtney wants to service her realtors and all clients by educating everyone involved in the process as well as create an understanding of why and how the flow of the loan is progressing. Ask her about her services and products to get a better understanding of all the ways Courtney and the Crosscountry Mortgage team can help you with home financing.


Courtney Kraft

5337 Mohican Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46220, USA

(317) 937-0704



+Home Mortgage Provider
+Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Condo loans
+First Time Home Buyer
+Down Payment Assistance
+Physician Loans
+ITIN or Portfolio Loan Product



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