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We have agents throughout Central Indiana and can connect you with an experienced and knowledgable REALTOR®!  Let us show you the difference we can make.  

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We hope to make your home buying experience enjoyable and as easy as possible. We have made it our mission to exceed your expectations throughout the process by supporting you in every facet from large tasks to small details. There are many REALTORS® out there, but we believe we have the experience, the tools, the drive, and the support to stand out amongst the crowd.


We love happy clients. Our overall goal is to leave you feeling comfortable and confident with your decisions throughout the process. We hope to help you walk away as a new home owner and a lifetime client.


In real estate, an agent who lists a property for sale and represents the seller is called a LISTING AGENT, while an agent who represents the buyer on the purchase of a property is called a BUYER’S AGENT or SALES AGENT.  By choosing to work with a buyer’s agent, you’ve selected an agent to represent YOU and YOUR NEEDS throughout the sale.


A buyer’s agent is there for you: to show you properties, to guide you, to offer you important information about the market, to negotiate on your behalf, and to ensure your bases are covered.  Navigating a real estate transaction on your own, or trusting a listing agent to effectively represent the needs of both parties, can be a troublesome situation. The process of purchasing a home is ever-changing and can be overwhelming. Using a buyer’s agent will ensure you prepare the best offer(s) and avoid costly mistakes!

Reach out to learn more about the process!  Typically, buyers don't pay the REALTORS® commission fees, which means you can work with an FPG agent at no cost to you! 


Looking to receive notifications about properties that match your specific wants the moment they come on the market?  We can make that happen.  Reach out to get a personalized property search set up! 


We love educating home buyers about the process, what to expect, and how to prepare.  Not sure about timelines, loans, the process, what the current market is like for buyers, etc?  No worries!  Reach out to chat and we can help you prepare, answer any questions, get you set up with a home search, and send you a copy of our Home Buying Guide.  This guide lays out loads of information and details what Ferris Property Group brings to the table!  

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