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Hello! Rather than boring you with a boilerplate bio, allow me to present...

"Top Ten Reasons to Work with Michelle"
1) Problem Solving Mindset: To say I am a freak about problem solving is an understatement. Seriously, it can take over my thoughts for hours! For you that means, that if there is a will, I will do everything within my power to find a way!
2) Whole Person Approach: You are unique and I want to get to know you -- your personality, your values, your preferences, your dreams, and your needs both presently and in the future as it relates to the buying or selling of your home!
3) Marketing: If I had a $1 for every time a real estate agent has poorly marketed a property, I'd be extremely wealthy and super annoyed. The presentation of a home online and in person is critical to creating value for that home. I give thought into every picture that is displayed and every description written. In addition, I work diligently alongside you to create an experience within the home that takes into account your desired selling price and timeframe while balancing your financial, time, and physical capabilities.
4) Coaching and Guidance: Every step of the way I am there with you! Ultimately, I cannot make any decision for you,. My goal is that we develop a rapport that includes a trust so that you know I am in your corner 100%!
5) Honesty and Integrity: Always - PERIOD. These are non-negotiables for me in all areas of my life.
6) Interest in Design and Architecture: Some people like paintings and sculptures, I like furniture and houses! A well laid out space with design elements that speak to me literally makes me giddy!
7) Cares About Your Experience: You matter! Chances are whether it is buying, selling, or both, it's big deal! There are stressful forces beyond my control and I will do my absolute best to prepare you for what to expect throughout the process, navigate the rare or unforeseen, and communicate with you along the way. Not gonna lie, sometimes situations come up that send my heart racing. However, my job is to take a beat and respond versus reacting to those situations. That takes practice and at the end of the day can ultimately determine whether a transaction closes or falls apart.
8) Knowledge and Experience: 27 year resident of Central Indiana, over 16 years of industry related experience including sales for a custom builder, production support at a home remodeling company, residential relocation and referral services, and over 12 years as a Realtor®. I actively participate in learning opportunities offered by my company, related vendors, local and national Realtor® boards, and am on track to receive my Master Professional Certification (MPRO) in 2023!
9) Dollars and Sense: We all want to be happy with our homes and realistically money is a part of that. There is no crystal ball to predict exactly what will happen in the future though you can rest assured that I am looking out for your financial well-being in this regard. My Sale to List Price Average is 100%. During the Covid years it was above that and during the years following the 2008 crash, it was around 98%. I pay close to attention to details that are important not only to you, but to buyers and sellers in general. The national real estate market is important to take note of and keep in mind. However, real estate really is local and that's where I focus most of my energy.
10) You'll Have Some Fun: Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars should be kinda fun, right?!?! From dabbling in standup to dad jokes to lots of improv classes & performances to making my Jazzercise class laugh while they were sweating, laughing and having a good time rank high for me!

And for good measure, a groaner dad joke. I'll save the real comedy for later.

"What does a house wear?"


+FPG Circle of Excellence
+MPRO Certified, 2023



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