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Crew Property Improvement Services is a maintenance company, specializing in inspection sheet repairs for Realtors. We are full service, and can usually do 100% of an inspection report.

Full service maintenance company, and have technicians skilled in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, drywall repairs, painting, roof repairs, and more. Free estimates, even can be done off an email only to get quick pricing back to you, usually same day.

We can even frequently allow for payment at closing, in case money is tight for your seller. We have between 8-12 technicians working daily, and also bring in any subcontractors under our umbrella as need be, to make it easier on our realtors. So we are able to not only get estimates out very quickly, but also can start work quick too, so that no one is waiting around for work to be completed before you can go to closing. We're very used to working with realtors and real estate situations and believe we're the best at it in town. Award winning multiple times too!


Eric Schneller

2150 Wallace Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46218, USA

(317) 339-2944



+Full-service home maintenance company


+Indy and all surrounding counties

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